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Wedding Lighting Services

Have you ever noticed how much lighting can affect the feeling of space?

Compare the warm glow of candle light to the blue glare of a fluorescent office and it's clear lighting has a big impact.  A professional lighting design package will highlight your decor and bring out the beauty of your venue.  Well planned lighting is one of the most affordable ways to truly make your special day shine. 

Your venue, decor, flowers, cake and photographer are all big investments. Make the most of them with the right lighting design and these elements will shine even brighter.

Sierra Christmas Lights approaches every event from a photographic standpoint. Your pictures last forever and we want to be certain they look their best. We communicate with your event designer, planner, florist, photographer, and videographer ahead of your wedding. Once we understand the focal points of an event, we can create a lighting scheme that will best accentuate those details.  We look at the big picture of an event.  When the photographer takes a picture across the room of the couple dancing, they should be lit, along with the centerpieces, the band, and the wall in the back, to highlight all the important focal points of your event.

We exclusively use modern LED technology, wireless and battery powered where possible.  With wireless LEDs, we are eliminating fire risks from traditional technology, reducing tripping hazards and clutter in your photos.  We use modern RGB technology to create the perfect lighting effects to highlight your decor and create the ideal mood for your big day.  For example, ambers / warm whites add a flattering and romantic glow while deep purple / blue can amp up guests for the dance party portion of the night. You can choose a unified color scheme, select a palette of complimentary colors or even plan changes throughout your event.


String Lighting

We are the string lighting expert in the Reno Tahoe region.  Also known as cafe lights or bistro lights we stock all hues, bulb types, and styles.  Outdoor wedding with no place to attach the lights?  No problem, we rent poles and bases. There are many different ways to incorporate string lights  into your big day. A few classics are bistro lights running overhead, a canopy of thousands of points of light inside your tent, or draping weeping willow lights from that centerpiece tree. 


Paper Lanterns

We love the glow from paper lanterns at a wedding reception. They can give a warm light that transforms an ordinary venue into an ethereal wonderland.  Lanterns add tons of charm and elegance to a space.  White tents, one of the most common wedding reception venues, can be overwhelmingly blank. One of the best ways to fill them with your own color palette is to decorate with colorful paper lanterns. Even during the day lanterns have a huge impact on an otherwise spartan tent ceiling, making the entire tent feel much more intimate.  


Uplighting is the placement of individual light sources at the base of architectural details, landscaping, and  points of interest, typically around the perimeter of a space, to draw attention to those details. It gives a sense of depth and background to your photos and videography and allows you to turn down the house lights, which are often harsh fluorescents.  Create a flattering amber hue, add drama, elegance, and direct guests to the bar or photo booth with beautiful uplighting.  If you’re in the right venue, you can really highlight the unique architectural details of your space. For an outdoor wedding, we look for trees, bushes, and sides of buildings to uplight, so the light can bounce back into the space. This gives guests reference points and set boundaries for an area so they can more smoothly navigate their way around.


Pin Spotlights

A pin spot is the opposite, a focused beam of light, like a flashlight, that highlights important focal points. The fixtures we use are very small and we do our best to hide them into the physical attributes of the event space.  While uplighting comes from below, pin spots typically come from above. Centerpieces, the cake table, place cards, the guestbook area, the sweetheart table, and bar areas can all benefit from this type of lighting. Pin spots are key to creating a luxurious, elegant, high contrast look. The extra spotlights allow the overhead light in the room to be lowered, creating the perfect ambiance.  

Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting is a form of gobo or go-between lighting. We’ll work together to create a custom design and have it printed onto a piece of glass or copper. We mount this into a specialized light and can project the monogram anywhere you would like in the venue. Popular locations include the dance floor, prominent walls in the space, behind the head table, at the entrance of the room or on the outside of the venue.  A monogram offers a great way to personalize an impersonal space quickly and make an impact as a focal element. 


Path Accents

Having an outdoor wedding? Don’t forget the areas outside the tent or barn. At night, if the tent is 100 yards away from the house and down a set of steps, is there enough light to see the pathway? Same with the bathroom trailer – what does the walkway look like between the main tent and the trailer after it gets dark? Sierra Christmas Lights offers an array of elegant solutions to guide guests in the right direction and help ensure their safety.  Be it twig lights adding illumination from a planter bed, lanterns guiding the way, or string lighting gently draped over shepherds hooks, we can design the look to fit your theme and tastes.

Texture Lighting

 Texture lighting is another take on gobo lighting, Sierra Christmas Lights can project patterns on walls, ceilings, floors, and dance floors to create depth, contrast and interest. Patterns can be matched to your event design choices to provide a fully immersive theme, tying all the design elements together. There are hundreds of patterns that can be used, ranging from simple to ornate to abstract. We especially love creating texture lighting from wedding invitation elements, snowflakes, mountain scenes and even a wedding gown’s lace pattern.


Dance Floor Lighting

 Want to add to the energy of your reception and insure your big night’s success? Then add a dance floor light show with splash lights on the floor and spot lights on the band.  Our lighting effects embellish the party atmosphere with just the right intensity. Sierra Christmas Lights incorporates the latest LED technology into our light shows.  We will work with your band or DJ to ensure we create just the ambiance you desire and enhance what they bring to the night.



We're happy to help. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with questions or to request a free estimate. We're happy to share our local knowledge to assist you in planning an unforgettable event. Shoot us a message or give us a ring today.

Thank you, we'll be in touch soon.

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